Commission Details

I do commission painting. Please comment on any of my posts or send off an email to me if you are interested. You can see some examples of my work on my website. I am pretty loose on pricing as miniatures can vary quite a lot in detail. Please tell me how many miniatures you are looking to get painted and to what standard (a photo helps), and I’ll get you a quote.

Here is my quality guide for a unit of miniatures:

A basic table top quality will be $5 per miniature. These miniatures look great from far away.


$8 per miniature for an above table top quality.  These miniatures look good both up close and far away.

jokaero front view

delaque ganger commission (5)

First Ebay listing ork squad (6)

Finally there is my highest level of painting which is $12 per miniature. Here I will apply blending, airbrushing, and time intensive techniques to get the model to the next level.

deathwing terminators (2)



Characters: These are different, it will generally be about $25 for attention to detail and my highest level.

Larger sized models like ogryns, tyranid warriors, bikes, ect will vary in price.

tau crisis suits good lighting (5)

My general pricing guide for vehicles:

Pirahna/landspeeder size   25$ per vehicle

Rhino/transport size            35$ per vehicle

Land raider size                  45$ per vehicle

pics 006

Generally a static grass and regular dirt base costs $1 a mini. Any simple upgrades to the base wont cost more then 1$ per miniature.

Assembly: This depends on a model as there are models that take thirty minutes to assemble and five hours.

Supplies: I usually have the paints required for most projects, but if I don’t, we will have to negotiate a fair price for buying new supplies. 

Payment: I will receive half of the payment once I receive the miniatures. The second half will be paid to me once you receive the models. I only accept Paypal.

Shipping: The customer always pays for shipping costs. You can choose any extra services you want.


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