Final Deathwatch Commission Photos

This deathwatch army consists of: 20 Kill Team Marines 5 Vanguard 5 Terminators 1 Captain Artemis 1 ┬áLibrarian in Terminator Armor 1 Captain in Terminator Armor 1 Watch Master   My client wanted many different arm options, so none of the arms are permanently glued. I used a temporary adhesive for some of the models just to display what the finished model would look…

High Elf Swordsmasters Commission

Came up with this color scheme with for my client. It was super fun to paint all that red, but not so much the white… Hope you like it!  

Mongols Commission

An example of an “above table top” standard army. These models are from Fire Forge games and my client wanted a Mongolian themed army with some tigers which he got from another line of miniatures. A fun one to paint and I hope you guys like it!    

My Newest Commission! Dark Angels Heavy Support

This was a fun one! Especially painting the creepy cherub child… Also the client wanted me to paint a vindicator and some devastators. He wanted to do the bases himself because he had a specific way of doing it, so I just left them black. This is an above table top paint job. If you are interested in getting a commission just remember to…

Ebay Auction of an Affordable Ork Boy Squad Painted to Level 3 standard

This is something I listed for sale recently on eBay. There are pictures on the listing but I will provide some here as well.

Delaque Gang Commission

I have been working on a delaque gang for necromunda and have finished 6 out of the 20 models in this commission. This is painted to an above table top standard.    

Darnath Lysander Commission

Here are some pictures of a Darnath Lysander model that was painted for an imperial fists army